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Who has a key to your home or business? Every time a new person moves in, how do you know that you are the only one with a key? Well, you donít. Thatís why you should rely on the professionals at Alonzoís Lock & Key to replace your locks. We specialize in commercial and residential, high end security locks, repairs and installations. We are your one stop resource for all of your security needs; we have the right equipment to handle any job, big or small. Locked out? Not to worry; we can have you back in your home or business in a matter of minutes. Alonzoís Lock & Key offers our customers a wide variety of services.

  As your local residential and commercial locksmith serving Mullins, Marion, Dillon and surrounding areas, Alonzoís Lock & Key provides you with professional service at a fraction of the cost. We work diligently to meet each customer's needs by providing professional services combined with dependable service guarantees you peace of mind.
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